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Akfix D3 Super Wood Glue 500g

Akfix D3 Super Wood Glue 500g

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Akfix D3 is a superior water-resistant wood glue that dries transparent.

D3-500 , D3-150


  • Conforms to D3 according to DIN EN 204.
  • Excellent bond strength on hard, and soft woods
  • Water based
  • Easy application

Applications Area

  • Suitable for gluing all types of wood, wooden materials and flat laminates,
  • Wood to wood, soft- and hardboard, synthetic resin board and chipboard,
  • Suitable for fixing paper, cardboard, paper or textile-backed PVC cloth to wood and board,
  • May also be used to bond outdoor timber constructions such as window-frames and external doors,
  • Particularly suitable for moisture-resistant bonds which have to fulfil high demands.
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