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Barn Wood Effect - Fumed Aging 946ml

Barn Wood Effect - Fumed Aging 946ml

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Barn Wood Effect gives a fumed or aged effect to wood, greying it and bringing out the grain.

It works best on woods high in tannic-acid such as White Oak. For other species, prime the surface with Tannin Activator. The activator accentuates the reactivity of the wood, modifies the color and considerably increases the effect.


Wood must be free from any finish. Apply activator if necessary and allow it to dry.


Dilute with water. The ratio can vary between 1 part of products for 5 to 30 parts of water, depending on the wood essence and the desired effect.

Shake the product well.


Apply with a brush, a roller, an applicator pad, or a spray. Wait at least 4 hours before applying the finish.


100 ft2/litre total product diluted [1:5] to [1:30].


0 g/L

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