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CrushGrind® 25 Shaft Mechanism

CrushGrind® 25 Shaft Mechanism

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The shaft mechanism is recommended for more conventional designs, when the turning point is at the top of the grinder. The grinder is filled by pulling the top upwards.

The CrushGrind® 25 mechanism is suitable for almost any material, it is mounted with a click-in function, no need for glue or screws.

CrushGrind® 25 mechanisms have ceramic grinding parts, and therefore can be used to grind any spice, including rock salt.

The 260 mm / 10.2 inch mechanism will make mills between 4” to 12” inches tall *

The 470 mm / 18.5 inch mechanism will make mills between 4” to 22” inches tall *

*The shaft can easily be trimmed to make smaller sizes

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