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Denatured Alcohol 95%

Denatured Alcohol 95%

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Epoxy resin products can be messy and should be removed before they cure to avoid having to grind them away. Denatured alcohol is the best and one of the safest solvents to use for epoxy clean up .

Denatured alcohol also assists in the cleaning of wood after sanding it to prepare it for  other projects. Wear protective gloves and treat the wood outside in a dry area. Use a lint-free cloth and wipe the wood with undiluted denatured alcohol. The denatured alcohol will dry quickly and clean the wood. After the wood is dry, stain, paint or install the untreated wood.

Shellac works best if thinned with denatured alcohol. It also works well as a primer for wood to allow the wood to absorb the shellac more evenly. If you use shellac, always have denatured alcohol to assist it on wood surfaces you plan on refinishing.


85% Ethanol and 15% Methanol


Plastic bottle of 946 ml/3.78 L

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