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LIGNA Bio Supra - Solvent Free Oil

LIGNA Bio Supra - Solvent Free Oil

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Bio-Supra is a solvent-free, zero VOC wood finish, enhancing the grain and protecting from water and stains on all your wooden surfaces. It is made from 100% solids, contains no solvents and is safe for application on surfaces in contact with food including cutting boards, kitchen accessories and butcher blocks.

LIGNA BIO-SUPRA monocoat oil will offer durability equal to old generation products that need two or three coats.

  • Formulated in renowned Italian laboratories with more than 25 years of experience, LIGNA products offer an “avant-garde” technology that is assembled in Quebec.
  • BIO-SUPRA oil can easily be applied manually on all types of soft, hardwood, domestic woods and gives very good results on exotic woods.


* Although BIO-SUPRA is a one-coat product, we recommend applying two coats on surfaces that are highly exposed to water and moisture, such as kitchen countertops and islands, cutting boards, sauna and bathroom vanities. A second coat will also greatly increase the lustre of the product.

** BIO-SUPRA oil has been certified by the Chemical Safety Board, Health Canada, for food surfaces (natural colour only).

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