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LIGNA Easy Solo Monocoat Oil

LIGNA Easy Solo Monocoat Oil

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EASY SOLO is a Monocoat oil for all interior wood surfaces such as furniture, floors, walls and woodwork.

EASY SOLO natural oil provides an excellent resistance to abrasion and creates no surface film. Thanks to its penetrating capacity, EASY SOLO nourishes the wood and protects it against water marks and stains. With EASY SOLO, you can easily touch up anytime without sanding or stripping to refresh the finish.

LIGNA’s EASY SOLO Monocoat wooden floor Oil is a new generation of natural oil that provides great protection against moisture and abrasion. It enhances the grain of the wood, protects it from premature wear, water and stains. You could do all your interior wood surfaces with only this product, then save time, money and be able to enjoy them faster.

Due to its high solid composition (up to 70% natural oils and resins), EASY SOLO will offer a durability that is equal to old generation products that need two or three coats. Used to protect hard surfaces, it can be easily applied to all types of soft, hard and exotic woods.

  • Formulated in renowned Italian laboratories with more than 25 years of experience, LIGNA products offer an “avant-garde” technology that is assembled in Quebec.


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