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Ligna Hybri-Deck 946ml

Ligna Hybri-Deck 946ml

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Hybrid Oil for Exterior Surfaces

LIGNA's HYBRI-DECK for exterior wood is a technical innovation combining oil of vegetable origin with water. It offers good water-repellent protection, releases very few VOCs, protects against stains and prevents the wood from burning due to UV rays. HYBRI-DECK Oil won't peel or flake, so there's no need to strip or scrape to refresh the finish.

HYBRI-DECK Hybrid Exterior Wood Protector Oil is formulated with naturally occurring modified oils and resins. This modification allows the oil to be mixed with water and thus eliminates the use of petroleum solvents. 

If you wish to add additional protection against UV rays, apply UVIO by LIGNA beforehand.

Application :

Apply with  a synthetic bristle brush.


On planed wood: 80 to 150 ft 2 /litre depending on the type of wood to be protected.

Raw wood or rough sawn wood  : calculate 50% more product than on planed wood.

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