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Marine Varnish by Blanchon – Interior / Exterior

Marine Varnish by Blanchon – Interior / Exterior

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Blanchon Quick-Drying Yacht Varnish is recommended for woodwork surfaces, exposed to marine climate and bad weather. Its water-based polyurethane resins contain a highly effective anti-UV agent. Yacht Varnish offers remarkable results in the most difficult climatic conditions, on exterior doors and windows, bridges and upper structures of boats, woodwork and all other wooden structures exposed to moisture. You can apply this product on floors subject to light traffic only.

Unlike other water-based varnishes, it does not mask the wood grain and produces no whitish effect. It can be applied to all types of wood while retaining their natural colours. Its milky tint will fade completely when drying.

  • Scentless;
  • High resistance to difficult climatic conditions;
  • Resistant to abrasion, shock and scratches;
  • Colourless and resistant;
  • Won’t yellow;
  • Won’t flow;
  • Contains a powerful anti-UV agent;
  • Exterior and interior use
  • Gloss finish

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